"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?"


Finally A Doctor That Guides You Tap Into Your Wellbeing

Offering Naturopathic Consulting, MindBody healing, and educational wellness courses all via Telemedicine!

Feeling Disconnected and Exhausted Trying to Make it All Happen?

You know that 'it's not in your head' but you just don't have the tools or the right
knowledge or the trust in your own intuition yet, to get the results that you deserve, QUICK.

Physical Dis-Ease

Are you struggling with one or more of these health issues: Autoimmune dis-ease, Acne, Eczema, GERD, Constipation/Diarrhea, ADHD, PMS, PCOS, Insomnia, Allergies, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Fatigue, weight gain, hypertension, and/or more…?

You have this inkling that there is something deeper to your health issue, but can’t quite put your finger on it.


You are an energetic being having a five-sensory experience. But what you may not know is that your empathic sense is also finely tuned. Therefore, you know deep down that somehow, your thoughts and emotions are connected to your health issues.

Can’t stop the heavy mental chatter to figure it all out? It is affecting your job performance, relationships, sleep, concentration and clarity. You just can’t seem to shake it off.


Does it also keep you from having a meaningful conversation with your loved one without exploding into an argument?


Not only that, you have a physical dis-ease that is greatly affected by your stress.


You are craving true self-confidence.


Do you wonder that the root of your mental chatter and dis-ease is in your suppressed and repressed emotions and limiting beliefs?

Stuck In Emotional

You want to run as far away from your emotions as possible because not only do they cause you pain but they hurt people you care about.

You don’t even know where to begin communicating your truth, your real feelings. You
know deep down that this toxicity is affecting your health.

You are feeling lonely, suffering alone, and afraid to be really seen.

You just want someone to hear you out WITHOUT JUDGEMENT and guide you into your powerful truth for confidence and inner peace.

Do you want to feel authentic in your communications?

Stressed Out

Does any of this sound true to you? Are you committed to your wellbeing?


I'm Dr. Nikita Patel, a naturopathic doctor, and MindBody heart healer.


I am a firm believer in healing the mind and the soul for healing of the body.  I love working with both men and women who are ready to energetically level up their health. I love you natural empaths and intuitives which is exactly why I always treat not just the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual as well.


Early in my career as a naturopathic doctor, I realized that treating just the physical symptoms does you a massive disservice and, whether you know it or not, keeps you on that unwell hamster wheel.

The healing you seek is at the depth of your pain. Let me gently guide you there.



Check this out...

Want to start experiencing your inner calm?

I have recorded live meditations just for you!


The 5 guided meditations are 10-15mins long to be done at any time of the day to instantly tap into your inner calm.



Tap Into Your Wellbeing Plan

It’s one thing to book an appointment, but I want to support a long-lasting change within you and that’s why I created this comprehensive protocol, called Tap Into Your Wellbeing. Are you ready to take full responsibility for your wellbeing? 


When you get started on this plan with me, you will immediately receive mindbody healing, followed by a personalized treatment plan during your 2nd session designed for a period of 6-10 months and includes the following sections.

MindBody Healing


Botanical Medicine


Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Dietary recommendation




Energy Clearing


Naturopathic and Ayurvedic Lifestyle recommendation


**Can also run Lab Work, case depending: Labcorp (basic, comprehensive thyroid panel, NMR lipid panel, inflammatory markers, female hormones, Vitamin D3, B12, Iron)  and DUTCH (reproductive and adrenal hormones)


Getting Started Is Easy As 1-2-3


Schedule Your First Virtual Session.


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Show Up To Your First Virtual Session.

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Let's Get Something Straight

This is not for you if:

  1. You want an overnight cure

  2. You do not want to change your lifestyle and the foods you eat for your wellbeing. 

  3. You are not ready to face your fears, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs at the root of your illness and suffering. 

  4. You do not want to financially invest into your wellbeing. (Real wealth is health). 

  5. You cannot make time for your wellbeing. (What we don't make time for now, we end up being forced to make more time for later)


This is for you if: ​

  1. You are willing to  trust your INNER YES! 

  2. You are ready to commit in time, money and energy to your healing journey.

  3. You are ready to dive deep within to face your deepest fears, suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs keeping your from thriving.

  4. You are ready to live life more fully.

  5. You want natural and holistic approach to support your healing.

  6. You are willing to do whatever it takes for your wellbeing so that you can be there in your fullness for your family, friends and career. 


As your holistic doctor, I am here to guide you on your healing journey towards your wellbeing. I promise that I am fully dedicated to your healing and you will have my compassionate support. 

Are you ready to receive guidance on your healing journey?

Some Ways You Can Work With Me

Tap Into Your Wellbeing Tier 2: 8x 1-on-1 virtual sessions

Tap Into Your Wellbeing Tier 1: 3x 1-on-1 virtual sessions

Awaken The Healer Within: 1x mindbody healing session

FREE GUIDE: 3 Easy Practices To Tap Into Your Empowered Empathic Self

Do you tend to feel more than others? Get easily burnt out and lost in your emotions?


You are most likely highly sensitive, which means you are more in tune with your emotions and intuition but have no guidance for it.


Look no further. As an empathic and intuitive healer myself, I have put together three easy practices for you.


Over time, these practices done regularly will help keep your energy to yourself while consistently operating from your empowered empathic and intuitive self!


Download now to get started!


FREE Booklist: All-Time Favorite Books on healing for Empaths

Are you a natural empath and an intuitive, looking for DIY ways to get started on your wellbeing? Look no further!


I have put down Top 10 of my favorite books that have been a great aid on my wellbeing journey.

The medicine you are seeking is within you and these great authors (doctors and teachers) lay it all out nicely for you to start learning about wellbeing and ways you can enhance it.

Download it now to start learning about what healing is like when you are more in intune with your spirituality.